We make the subscription model more efficient and useful

SubU helps to combine the interest of business and ordinary users
We believe that subscription is the most convenient way to plan recurring costs for services and products. We are developing a platform in order to make the business model convenient, widespread and beneficial for both partners and users.

Infrastructure and Marketing Platform for Business Partners
We offer a wide range of tools for the subscription market
Loyal and engaged audience
Most of our users already have several subscriptions and are ready to try new services in various categories.
Easy application integration
We provide several innovative ways to integrate with our app, making it easy for new customers to find out about your subscription.
Conversion and user retention tools
Algorithms for personalized and cross-category promotions allow you to create strong user relationships and the high level of trust for your brand.
Advanced analytics
We provide reports and wide range of analytics around your services right in the app! This allows you to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, test various tariff plans, promotion formats and much more!
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